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Student Storage Solutions


Moving to or from a dorm or apartment?  Studying abroad or taking a break? Need short term summer storage?  We make it easy for you to store your stuff. We cater to the college student looking for a safe and clean storage solution. Millfair Self Storage offers clean, secure, professional, and affordable storage conveniently located in Fairview just a few miles from Penn State Erie, Gannon University, Mercyhurst University, Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Fortis Institute, Empire State College, Erie Institute of Technology, and Edinboro University.


What Millfair Self Storage offers:


State-of-the-art storage spaces to fit your needs and budget

Boxes, packing supplies

U-Haul truck rentals

Pay online or by phone

Year-around storage you can use anytime

Car storage

Motorcycle storage


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